Version 1.01 (Beta)
Updated Jan 4, 98
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Downloading the Notes Database of examples.

If you are running on Mac/Unix or simply wish to download the nsf file as a zip file,
please click on the image to the right and save the file to a temporary directory for unzipping.

If you're running under Windows...

Click on the image to the left to open the download dialog of your browser.
Make sure that the "Save it to disk" option is selected and click "OK".

Download the self extracting Zip file to the directory of your choice.(i.e. C:\temp)
Run the executable NotesDes.exe.

This will unzip the NotesDes.NSF file.
For easiest installation unzip the file to your notes data directory.
(This directory is most likely C:\notes\data or C:\notes4\data ).

Once you have unzipped the file, add the database to your Notes workspace by choosing File/Database/Open from the Notes menu and selecting the NotesDesign database (Notesdes.nsf) from the list.
(If you unzipped the database to a directory other than your notes data directory, click "browse" to locate it).

If you download the database, please leave me a message on the feedback page.
This is optional; it simply gives me an idea how many people download the database.

The database is being developed using Lotus Notes 4.5 and includes some techniques specific to that version.
However, I believe you will find a lot of the content is relevant to (and runs under) pre 4.5 versions.
My apologies to those of you who previously downloaded the database and were unaware that it was developed in version 4.5