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Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) may turn out to be your best resource on Groupware.
(Groupware is the technology, CSCW is the field that studies Groupware technology.

The term "groupware" is used in a loose way in the industry.

The following links may also help you get a better idea of what is involved:

So what's the difference between Groupware, WorkFlow and Knowledge Management?
Is workflow one area within Groupware or is it a distinct subject ?
And where does "Knowledge Management" fit ?

The following is taken from
Introduction to Groupware, Workflow, and Workgroup Computing
by Setrag Khoshafian, Marek Buckiewicz



Knowledge Management:

WWW Virtual Library on Knowledge Management

And From Cipher Systems ...

In a list of lessons learnt, the final four are interesting and relate to workflow...

Also, check out...

Changing How We Work: The Search for a Simpler Way
Copyright 1997, The Jensen Group, Northern Illinois University

( The web site home page is )

They have very good material defining the distinctions between data, information,knowledge and wisdom...


of facts


Data plus...
* Meaning
* Understanding of


Information plus...
* Beliefs
* Commitments
* Assumptions
* Design for


Knowledge plus...
* Application/action
* Adaptation after


Here is IBM on Knowledge Management:
Lotus, IBM and Knowledge Management Index
This white paper was written specifically to address the business value of knowledge management and the role of IBM and Lotus technologies and services.

And here is page of more Knowledge Management Sites