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Full Text Search of The Notes/Domino Knowledge base
This is the resource I use most often when faced with a Notes problem.
I have created a local copy of this search page for convenience.

Technical Search and Lotus Knowledge Bases
Click on "Technical resources"
This contains incredibly useful, searchable databases of Lotus related support material.
Don't forget to select "Notes" as the product if that is what you are after.

Search Domino . com
Search the Web's largest collection of Lotus Domino sites.
This site is
from The View ( One of the best Domino magazines around )

Lotusphere 99 Presentations
A great deal of useful material from Lotusphere !

Martin Scott Consulting - Lotus Domino SuperSearch
This is an amazing search engine for Notes-Domino related sites.
Key in any search phrase and perform a simultaneous search of up to 30 sites.

The sites themselves are also listed which makes this a useful "links" page.

IBM Redbook Home Page
IBM redbooks, as you may know , are a rich source of Domino/Notes information.
These books can all be downloaded in PDF format !. Talk about well kept secrets !

Lotus Support File Library - For Notes
This is the FTP site for all files relating to Lotus Notes.
Browse through these directories for interesting downloads.
At each level the index.html file lists directory contents in a "web browser friendly" format.
Notes database templates can be found at this site in the
ftp/pub/comm/notes/workstn/template directory

Lotus Technology Learning Centers
Lotus Technology Learning Centers help you get up-to-speed with the latest Lotus technologies.
This page is a very rich source of educational material.

To Browse through lists (FAQs) of "tips and tricks" try these links...

The first link is to a very large, single page of Notes tips.
If you are looking for some reading material, I suggest you open the page (which takes a while !) and print it out (100 pages).
I assure you it will keep you busy for a long time !

Lotus Notes Frequently Asked Questions(Notes/Domino 4.5)

The Lotus Notes FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Web site

The Programming Tips page at the above FAQ site

To search through discussion group Posts/Responses (or to post your own question)...

Some sites must be viewed in their own page. This is one.. Please remember to come back !
The "Current" Notes/Domino Forum at IRIS

The Archived Notes/Domino Discussion Area from Lotus (pre 12/12/97)

The Value ( Virtual Association of Lotus Users )

Lotus Development Tools for Groupware and the Internet.
This is the developer discussion group at Lotus (All Products). You may want to use
the search function.

For Lotus Notes documentation and development "practices"

Lotus Domino and Notes online documentation databases
This you must checkout ! Lotus has created a page of links to its documentation databases.

The Lotus Notes/Domino 4.5 Application Development Best Practices Guide
The best practices guide ( from Lotus ) is now online.

Lotus Notes Site for Release 4.5: A Developers Handbook

To link to other Notes sites that may point you in the right direction...

Frank Cseh's "New Links Added Page" and Frank's home page

Popular links (Page#1) from the European Lotus Notes Homepage

Popular links (Page#2) from the European Lotus Notes Homepage etc..

GroupWare (Australia's premier Lotus Notes® Business Partner)

Domino Cafe: Domino resource center

Lotus Domino Links

The European Lotus Notes Homepage
This link falls into the
"Why bother to duplicate what someone else has done so well" category.
You will find links to over 450 Notes related sites.

Christina Persall's Lotus Notes Links
This is a link to another great page of links...

Lotus Notes World - brought to you by Siva Ramanathan

For magazines etc...

THE VIEW is the industry-leading technical journal for Lotus Notes and Domino.
Each issue delivers 70 to 80 pages of exclusive coverage targeted specifically to Notes and Domino administrators, designers and developers.