A visitor to the site, Raymond La Tulippe, has given permission to make two Notes databases available.
Many thanks to Raymond for "donating" them to the Notes community.

The first contains over 450 examples of @Commands, Lotus script and Java code.
The second contains Notes design elements.

The two databases, compressed into a single zip file, can be downloaded by clicking on the icon below.

Size: 1 Mb

Please download and unzip the file.
The file, examples.zip, contains example.nsf and elements.nsf

These databases are provided "as is". I have found them to be very interesting.

Please realize that I am reposting these databases, with permission, as a service to you.
I had no part in their development and can not answer any questions regarding their content.

(Contact information can be found in the help section of the database.)

(If you have a similar database that you would be willing to "publish", I'd be glad to offer this site as a host. )