Graham Stalley  
Are you in need of IBM Domino / Notes / XPages development help ?
Do you have projects that require a Notes developer but you have no suitable resource on staff ?
I have helped a number of companies in that same situation.
If you would like more details about the type of work I have completed, please drop me an email.

Please contact me if you think I may be able to help !

How can an IBM Domino Application help your business?, imagine the following generic scenario...

Your company sells a product or delivers a service.
You acquire raw materials (or services) from suppliers;
You add value to this aquisition and create your own product / service
Sales staff sell the product or service to your customers and are supported by a "home office" staff.

We can organize some possible Domino databases using this scenario as follows:

Managing the relationship with your Suppliers:

Managing the relationship with your Customers:

Managing the Sales Force and Office Staff:

Enabling all staff to work effectively together:

Managing the product:

The corporate culture: