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Lotus Notes database development

Notes as a Groupware product
A Welcome to New Visitors !
The Purpose.
The purpose of the site.
Site Overview
You're looking at it!
Why The site
Who am I, and why would I create this site.
Your feedback
When you have checked out the site, I invite you to offer some feedback.
Email me
How to contact me.

Links to other Notes Sites
Looking for Notes help....
Got a Notes problem ?
This page contains links to information that might help you answer your question.

A few Quick tips
A few quick tips for Notes developers.

The Database of Notes examples
The Notes database of examples available for download

Databases donated by visitors.
This page contains Notes databases of code examples available for download

The Sendkeys example database
Have you missed having the "SendKey" function in Notes. Here it is in a lotusscript library.

My personal approach to designing a Notes database.

Book References
Notes related Books that I have found of interest.

Quick tips
I've found out some interesting, "non-obvious" things that can be done in Notes. This section begins to list them.

Notes Database examples
You have asked for more examples ! Here are links to NSF files available on the web.

The difference
What's the difference between Notes and...
Notes Success
What makes for a successful Notes rollout ?
Notes Problems
Some of the problems that a Notes rollout can run into
Pros & Cons
What Lotus Notes is good for. Applications it may not be good for.
Database ideas
List of possible Notes databases, categorized by function.
Notes Quotes
Some Quotes about Notes (and groupware) I found interesting
Lotus Notes vs. MS Exchange
There is an ongoing battle between Lotus and Microsoft, it makes interesting reading !
Some Groupware information