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Welcome to NotesDesign !
Explaining the unusual architecture of a Domino database

The Notes Tutorial page describes the unique way in which a Domino database stores information.
When asked to explain Notes, Ray Ozzie, its creator, once suggested that people visit this site.

What is "under the hood"  ?

Inside Notes - A publication that describes, in a more technical way, what is inside Domino and Notes.
You may also be interested in the history of the Domino product.
And the original creation of Notes on the PLATO System: Notes Early  Development
(BTW: The first Application replaced a text file called "Notes" - Hence the name!)

IBM provides a Download of Domino® Designer 9 Social Edition
There exists an open source community for Domino/Notes developers at
At OpenNTF you can find the XPages Knowloedge Base
Looking for classic Notes development ideas ?

Although the NotesDesign database was created many years ago, it is a testament to Notes backward compatability that the application still runs on the latest version on Domino.
Please visit the download page and grab the NotesDesign and Sendkeys databases.
Additional ideas can be found on The Ideas Page !
Need IBM help with Domino / Lotus Notes?

Notes and Domino.
IBM Domino - Social business application platform (!).

I hope that this site is helpful to Notes Developers and Power Users.
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