Here are some miscellaneous quotes etc. about groupware and Notes, that I found interesting.

The purpose of Notes has been defined as

Marrying groupware and changed business processes isn't optional; it's mandatory.
Be prepared for the enormous cultural impact of changing fundamental business systems.

(Joe Marchese of LRQA).

We were looking for …A product that can manage, not reduce or simplify, the complexity and occasional chaos of the information used.
Creating meaning out of the chaos was to be done through the intellect.
The role of the software was to supplement this intellectual element, not in any way attempt to substitute for it.

(Giorgio Arfaras)

You cannot decouple groupware from the organization.
(Wolfgang Vogt)

Identifying and meeting customer needs, building a partnership based on those needs and constantly searching for other opportunities to add value to that customer's business. Being customer oriented and process efficient

If it works..Its obsolete.