Lotus Notes Book List

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Lotus Notes Developer's Guide : For Users of Release 4.0 Through 4.5
by Rose Kelleher, Paul Emond, Tom Jones (Editor)

If you are beginning to develop Lotus Notes databases and you have been looking for a book to help you on your way, then I recommend this one.
It is very straight forward, covers all the topics, and adds in a good number of tips and techniques. ( And I like the writing style )
Rose Kelleher's Site is a good Lotus Notes resource.

Visual Developer Web Site Development With Domino
by Gregory B. Pepus

This book was a very pleasant surprise. I stumbled across it browsing through a local bookstore.
The book describes the steps required to launch a Domino web site and to develop Notes databases to be accessed by web browser clients. It shows how to integrate Java, Javascript, HTML code etc. into Lotus Notes 4.6
If you are familiar with Notes development and you are ready to use Domino to publish to the web, then This is the book for you !

Lotus Notes and Domino Server 4.6 Unleashed
by Randall A. Tamura (Editor)

I'm a big fan of the Unleashed books. However, I was disappointed with the earlier Lotus Notes versions of this book. They did not seem to have the unleashed "depth" I was used to.
In my opinion, that changed with this 4.6 version. It contains a lot of good useful information.
( I've actually read these books cover to cover. I really liked the surprise ending in the new version.. There must be something seriously wrong with me...)

Inside Lotusscript : A Complete Guide to Notes Programming
by Joe McGinn

As the name would suggest, this book delves into lotusscript programming. Given its focus, I was hoping the book would cover more advanced topics. On the up side however, the book contains a lot of material relating to web development. I was not expecting that when I bought the book.
Worth the read.

Transforming Organisations Through Groupware :
Lotus Notes in Action (Computer Supported Cooperative Work)

by Peter Lloyd (Editor), Roger Whitehead (Editor)

This book describes in detail, using many case studies, just what to look out for when deploying Lotus Notes.
Some of the ideas on this web site were adapted from the book. I heartily recommend it !

60 Minute Guide to Lotusscript 3 Programming for Lotus Notes 4
by Robert Beyer, Roland, Jr Houle, Robert Perron

This is the only book on Lotusscript & Notes that I have found to be of real use.
(Note: This was written before the appearance of Inside Lotusscript (see above)!)
Let me rephrase that.. I think this is the only book there IS on Lotusscript & Notes.
The title is a little misleading in that it contains 3 ( if I remember right) "60 minute" sections.

Lotus Notes Application Development : Solving Business Problems and Increasing Competitiveness/Book and CD Rom
by Robert Larson-Hughes, Hans Skalle, Robert Larson Hughes

This book describes the place of Lotus Notes in Business. ".a comprehensive examination of how groupware can alter the very nature of work and the dynamics of the workplace, along with its management across organizational boundaries" Thomas B. Hardy.
Although it covers Notes 3.0, it is a "high level" view, and is relevant to all Notes development.