Updated Feb 20, 98

Are you frustrated that the Notes version of LotusScript does not implement the SendKeys function ?
Now there is a solution !
Paul Carter mentioned in the Lotus Notes programmer news group that he had written code to implement the SendKeys function in lotusscript. I asked him if he would allow me to publish the code on this site. He agreed.

I packaged the code up in the Notes database above.

All thanks should be directed to Paul !

This simple Notes database has a single script library named "SendKeys Library" which you can copy to any database.
The "about form" of the database gives some examples of use.

Downloading the SendKeys example.

Click on the image above to open the download dialog of your browser.
Make sure that the "Save it to disk" option is selected and click "OK".

Download the SendKeys ZIP file to the directory of your choice.
For easiest installation unzip the download file to your notes data directory.
(This directory is most likely C:\notes\data or C:\notes4\data ).

Once you have downloaded the file, add the database to your Notes workspace by choosing File/Database/Open from the Notes menu and selecting the SendKeys Example database (SendKeys.nsf) from the list.