What's New !

Don't forget to refresh the site's web pages (or clear your browser's cache).

I find that updating this "what's new" page is the last thing I get round to... So I'll probably scrap it since it gives the impression that the site never changes. In fact, I'm continually adding little bits and pieces. I recently added a tutorial for developers new to Notes. Please check it out.

It has been a while since I made any significant changes to the Site !
However, As you can see, once again, I've redesigned the site.
I wanted the choices to be clearer because I'll be adding ...

I've added a downloadable database which implements a "Sendkeys" function.

Added a section on Groupware.
Also added a
Thankyou for previous visitors and a Welcome page for new visitors (explaining what the Site is all about).
Updated the page that begins to explain
Notes Architecture.
I heard from a visitor that NotesDesign was being talked about at LotusSphere98: It appeared on a presenter's "Top Ten Notes Sites on the web".

NotesDesign was mentioned in PC Week on Jan 12. This much appreciated recognition galvanized me into action so I rearranged the site:
I made the menu system clearer. (A selection from the Top level menu (now at the top of the page) changes the sub-menu options AND the main page display).
I also added a
Quicktips section in the development area.

Version 1.01, A new NotesDesign database release !
8 new entries, including:
Mail-in databases: How to set them up and a cool example.
Exporting (dumping) data from Notes using Lotusscript code.
Creating newsletters.
Including response document information in a main document.
How to prompt users for information from within lotusscript code.
etc. etc.
Combined the "Help" page with the "Links to other Notes sites" page.
They contained almost the same information.
Added some new links (i.e. Walnut and IRIS )

I deleted the entries prior to 98...
Can't imagine anyone's interested in what I did in 97 !