Who am I ?

My name is Graham Stalley.

For many years I was the lead software developer for MMA Financial, a large financial services company in Boston, MA.
I developed many "mission critical" apps in Lotus Notes, C#, VB, Access, etc.etc.
Most recently I have been developing .Net applications for Windows and the Web.

I recently launched my own company BDS Software, Inc. (Business Decision Support).
My focus is
Business Application Development for Windows and the Web.

My Lotus Notes Development experience.
Like most developers, I first tried forcing Notes to behave like other programming languages. When that failed, I looked for Lotus Notes programming books to guide me. Most Notes books rehash the manual. A lot spend time on administration. Some throw in a chapter on LotusScript. Even after taking the Notes development courses, I found that learning how to use Notes to develop practical, "real world" databases was up to me. Over the years I developed my own approach to designing Notes databases.

In 1995 I had the idea of creating this website. I would offer a Notes database of examples. Things I learnt over the years. Ideas I implemented. What I found worked. What didn't.
I invite you to submit your own ideas. Between us we can make this a site worth visiting.

Please download the database and check it out. I think you'll find it worth your time. And if you have ideas you would like to share.. Please Email me.